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STEELFAB 2018 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2018, which was held last 15-18 January 2018 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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STEELFAB 2017 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2017, which was held last 16-19 January 2017 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate for our cutting and grinding wheels.

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Dear Customers, we gladly inform you, that our production of cutting and grinding wheels recieved a TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate.

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JULY marketing promotions

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We are presenting marketing promotions of July of welding machines, dryers and rauter machines

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Our Brands


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The company Reuter GmbH & Co. KG manufactures state-of-the-art technology for electrochemical cleaning - polishing - signing in Erkarth near Dusseldorf. All offered devices are self-developed and produced in series.

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walmag logo rme

WALMAG is a traditional manufacturer of industrial magnetic applications.

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brand eckert

Eckert company is a modern and innovative company, specializing in a production of CNC cutting machines. The company was founded in 1990. Headquarters are located in Legnica and has a branch in Zwickau, Germany.

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brand promotech

More than 300 products including professional power tools, beveling machines, welding automation equipment, gantry welding systems and many others. More than 95 % of production is exported world-wide. PROMOTECH® provides its business partners with unique products, incorporating leading edge machine-tool technology, excellent handling and professional warranty & post-warranty service.

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PONTIG 1880 HF - welding machine

Inverter equipment MOST for TIG

PONTIG 1880 HF is machine designed for TIG DC welding in argon shield (steel and stainless steel) or coated electrode MMA. Arc ignition can be carried out by the HF ionizer or by friction of the tungsten electrode’s end. Big advantage is a clear and easy to use modern panel with welding current display. Control panel is designed for quick and intuitional change of parameters with a single knob. No need to remember the sequence of settings for a given function, which greatly simplifies the welding operation. The knob is designed to set values (e.g. welding current or current fall time), or to switch between functions and working modes. Display on front panel can show welding current, function values or error code if device’s work is disturbed.

Very modern, ergonomic housing is made of high quality materials. The durability of the housing is reinforced by producer’s patented solution called DDR (Dual Density Reinforcement).

Rubber shields have three basic functions:

  • non-slip layer on handle,
  • non-slip layer on the sides of the base to increase adhesion to the ground and to protect from accidental fall,
  • shock absorbing inside the unit to protect electronic components.

Devices automatically switch to STAND BY mode, if welding does not restart within 15 minutes. It helps to save energy and significantly of some electronic components and reducing the risk of accidental run of the electric arc.

Built-in intelligent ventilation system, which works in case of welding or exceeding specified temperature inside, allows to limit the dust accumulation inside the machine and increases lifetime of rectifiers. Devices are equipped with self-diagnosis system, which shows error codes on the display, in case of their occurrence. 

In case of electrode welding there are HOT START and Ant-Stick functions available. TIG DC welding at pulsing current (PONTIG 2220 HF PRO) allows welding of thin metal sheets without distortion and discoloration thanks to less heat induction into the weld. Working at TIG DC with high frequency pulsing current can be regulated from 10 to 500 Hz.

Model PONTIG 1880 HF
Main voltage (50/60 Hz) 1 x 230 V +20%/-15%
Range of welding current 10-160 A
Maximum power consumption TIG / MMA 5,4 / 6,7 kVA
Welding current TIG / MMA:  
at 45% duty cycle 160 / 160 A
at 60% duty cycle 40 / 130 A
at 100% duty cycle 120 / 100 A
Open circuit voltage 80 V
Protection class IP23C
Isolation class H
Dimensions (LxWxH) 320x135x285 mm
Weight 4,9 kg
Catalogue no. 52 00 005246

Equipment is delivered in carton box with a gas and earth cables, without TIG torch.

TIG welding torches Catalogue no.
TIG torch 26 SGRIP (Pontig 22200HF Pro) 4 m 56 01 032628
TIG torch26 SGRIP (Pontig 2220HF Pro) 8 m 56 01 032630
TIG torch17 SGRIP (Pontig 1880 HF) 4 m 56 01 081700
Suitcase (black) 52 45 200200
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Dear customers, for your convenience, we have launched an online store. We strongly invite you to visit the e-shop, to buy welding goods and share your comments with us. If you want to make online transactions on your present commercial terms, please contact us.