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STEELFAB 2018 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2018, which was held last 15-18 January 2018 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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STEELFAB 2017 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2017, which was held last 16-19 January 2017 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate for our cutting and grinding wheels.

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Dear Customers, we gladly inform you, that our production of cutting and grinding wheels recieved a TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate.

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JULY marketing promotions

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We are presenting marketing promotions of July of welding machines, dryers and rauter machines

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For over 60 years, Lorch has been developing and producing high-quality welding solutions for industry and crafts in one of the world's most modern welding equipment production plants. In this way, Lorch combines tradition and a vision of the future of welding.

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Glorystar laser’s products were widely used in 70% of worldwide countries & regions and have owned high praise, such as China, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, The United States, South Africa, India, Italy, Spain, the U.K., France, etc. Due to the company’s decades of experience in mechatronics design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales, there came the Glorystar brand laser cutting machines. All about that would not come true without the trust of more and more customers and partners.

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Manufacturer of materials and equipment that can be used in locksmith and automotive workshops, welding and other industries. We sell power tools as well as grinding accessories under the BERG brand. For DIY enthusiasts, we have a wide range of tools, including: drills, hole saws, pliers, wrenches, tape measures, knives and blades, grinding materials: discs, grinding wheels, brushes, cutting discs. If your workshop is not sufficiently lit, we also recommend our garage lamps and workshop flashlights. Our offer includes welding devices and kits, as well as welding accessories for professionals and amateurs.

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The company Reuter GmbH & Co. KG manufactures state-of-the-art technology for electrochemical cleaning - polishing - signing in Erkarth near Dusseldorf. All offered devices are self-developed and produced in series.

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FANMIG 175i - welding machine

MOST Inverter semi-automatic welding machine Fanmig 175i

Fanmig 175i is the smallest in the family of semi-automatic welding machines MOST, and the first inverter device among them. Allows together with MAG welding to weld with electrode MMA and TIG. Small size and weight make it ideal for repair work, not just for handyman. Fanmig 175i is an inverter type semi-automat welding unit dedicated for MIG welding in gas shield, MMA (stick) welding with coated electrode or Lift TIG welding. It is possible to weld with reversed polarity e.g. MIG self-shielded flux cored wire. It is a compact unit in which two-roll wire feeder and power source are located in one cover.

The device has excellent welding parameters and a wide range of applications.

It can be used in:

  • MIG / MAG (synergistic/welding)

Used for welding of carbon steel or stainless steel with recommended wire diameters from 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm. Wire feed speed can be set from 2 up to 12 m/min., welding current has stepless (fluent) regulation. The wire feeder is dedicated for 5 kg or 1 kg spools, basket spools require an additional adapter.

  • MMA electrode welding

Recommended electrode diameter from 2.0 to 3.25 mm, 4.0 mm sporadically. Electrodes with rutile or basic coating (open circuit voltage U = 56 V), used for carbon steel or stainless steel.

  • Lift TIG (DC) welding

The gas valve opens on the torch handle. For welding stainless or carbon steel, recommended diameter of tungsten electrode 1.6 or 2.4 mm.


Model FANMIG 175i
Main voltage 1x230 V 50/60 Hz
Maximal power consumption 28 A
Effective power 20 A
Power factor 0,73
Power 6,4 kVA
Open circuit voltage U0 56 V
Range of welding current: 
MMA 20–175 A
TIG 10-175 A
MIG 50-175 A
Welding current at duty cycle: 
MIG   175 A/22,8 V /35%
135 A/20,7 V /60%
103 A/19,2 V /100%
MMA   175 A/25%
113 A/60%
87 A/100%
TIG   175 A/35%
135 A/60%
103 A/100%
Welding power regulation Steeples
Protection class IP 23S
Wire feed speed 2-12 m/min
Wire feeder 2-rolls
Wire diameters steel  0,6–0,8-1,0 mm
Spool wire 5 kg
Weight 12,8 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 420x220x439 mm
Catalogue no. 51 00 020150


Assembling: device with earth and electrode cables, wire feeder rollers for 0,8-1,0 mm, and gas nipple.

Recommended accessories:

  • Torch MIG/MAG M15 SGRIP, M25 SGRIP
  • Torch TIG 17V (F175) 4 m: 56 03 011110
  • Welding trolley WUS-150 MOST: 50 03 003900


Torches see

For rollers for wire feeders see


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