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STEELFAB 2018 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2018, which was held last 15-18 January 2018 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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STEELFAB 2017 - Summary

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RME MIDDLE EAST FZCO (a subsidiary of RYWAL-RHC) took part at The Middle East Trade Show which is the largest sourcing platform for the Metal Working, Steel Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry - STEELFAB 2017, which was held last 16-19 January 2017 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate for our cutting and grinding wheels.

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Dear Customers, we gladly inform you, that our production of cutting and grinding wheels recieved a TÜV Rheinlannd Certificate.

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Products & offers

JULY marketing promotions

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We are presenting marketing promotions of July of welding machines, dryers and rauter machines

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Our Brands



For over 60 years, Lorch has been developing and producing high-quality welding solutions for industry and crafts in one of the world's most modern welding equipment production plants. In this way, Lorch combines tradition and a vision of the future of welding.

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Manufacturer of materials and equipment that can be used in locksmith and automotive workshops, welding and other industries. We sell power tools as well as grinding accessories under the BERG brand. For DIY enthusiasts, we have a wide range of tools, including: drills, hole saws, pliers, wrenches, tape measures, knives and blades, grinding materials: discs, grinding wheels, brushes, cutting discs. If your workshop is not sufficiently lit, we also recommend our garage lamps and workshop flashlights. Our offer includes welding devices and kits, as well as welding accessories for professionals and amateurs.

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The company Reuter GmbH & Co. KG manufactures state-of-the-art technology for electrochemical cleaning - polishing - signing in Erkarth near Dusseldorf. All offered devices are self-developed and produced in series.

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WALMAG is a traditional manufacturer of industrial magnetic applications.

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MCS-X MOST Control System


The MCS-X control system provides a clear and easily understandable user interface with full programming capabilities and results in a higher level of production throughout the entire process.

Some of control features: 

  • process control, 
  • diameter of the product, the way of rotation,
  • angle of turning (maximal 720°, exactness 0,1°),
  • axis rotation, 
  • delay/acceleration of the rotation before welding (time after the confirmation of the stable arc is sent by the welding machine), 
  • the precise closing/opening sequence and defect-free connection of beginning and end of the weld (angle and number), 
  • O-point – exact return to the start point, 
  • points (automatic calculation of angles on the basis of entering information, entering the number of tack welds).

Axis motoric: 

  • in rotary mode of welding – the setting of the longitudinal welding position on the X axis and its acting during the operating cycle, 
  • in longitudinal mode of welding – the setting of the welding position, the delay of activity after the welding process has started,
  • the final time of welding, finishing of the sequence, the acting during the operating cycle and radial position of the weld on the rotary axis, 
  • the angle of tailstock’s spindle 0- 90°, the fluent movement using the extract drive of tailstock’s tilt or with pneumatically controlled stroke.

Torch axis – pneumatic or electric supports.


  • the delay of starting the oscillation after the sign of the stable arc is sent (sec), 
  • frequency of the oscillatory movement (Hz), ƒright/centre/left divergence, in mm,
  • separately for each sides, (exactness 0,1 mm).

Welding system with digital communication system equipped -CAN BUS

Forming gas – pre-blowing and after-blowing of forming gas functions

Programs – Memory Box: 

  • the machine can memorize the own settings including the whole operating cycle. Programs saved in Memory boxes can be arbitrarily combinated into the functional lines and create even the difficult operating cycle.

Optional accessories: 

  • AVC control when TIG and PLASMA welding (automated regulation of arc height), ƒjoints/seam tracing (electromechanical indicator), ƒcamera viewing system.

Standard applications: 

  • The machine is universal and sophisticated production unit which can be used in industry. It is possible to weld rotary circumferential welds, angular welds in position PA/PB using the tilting tailstock and also fully-fledged welds can be done. 
  • The production of pressure and non-pressure vessels from all materials and by using all the welding methods of arc welding (except SAW method) is really typical.
  • Because of high exactness of the machine the machine parts, flanges, shafts, heat exchangers and tube sheets can be welded on this machine. 
  • The machine is able to work in screw welding mode on the surface of the cylinder even on the surface of the operating plate (tilting 90°).
  • A special kind of used software provides the possibility to weld each layer separately by using the controlled axis of the torch stroke.
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